Revenue Model

Learn about Pooky's revenue model and how we strive to provide the best value for our users.

On the short term, Pooky is a web3 sport prediction game with three revenue streams:

  • Game pass: Players get their access into the game, coming with a first Pookyball.

  • Game add-ons: Players can expand their collection with Pookyballs, Stickers, or Energy.

  • In-game mechanics: Players can spend MATIC on some of the game mechanics to enhance their experience

  • Commissions on trades: Pooky will receive a Creator fee of 5% when a Pookyball or Sticker is traded.

  • In-Game transactions: Pooky also offers various in-game items and powerups to enhance player experience.

  • Subscription pass (not live): access to bonus feature for holders

On the medium term, our model will evolve with two major streams

  • Money flows fees: in the phase 2 of Tokenomics, Pooky will progressively move away from Primary sales and will receive fees when items are traded or produced.

  • B2B licences: Pooky will progressively open our technical stack for commercial use. This ranges from packaging some use cases we solved, to complete whitelabel solutions.

Pooky has a player-powered and player-owned economy with a fair economic split between players and the platform. The lion's share of revenue will always go to players and the playing pool.

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