In this section, we'll list the various updates we've done for the application.
v1.0.0 - Early draft notes, highly subject to change - Play & Earn Release
We are about to release the play & earn part of our game !
First of all, huge thanks to all players who participated in Pooky so far, from the Discord opening in September, the World Cup in November, the mid-season of European leagues, and most recently the Genesis collection mint. A lot of you have been there along the way to help build with us, provide feedback, and challenge us to do better. Thank you again!
Then, some highlights on major evolutions from there.


Cost per prediction in all leagues has been increased to 10.
  • Developers' notes: As planned from the start, we have increased the prediction cost to 10 per predictions. This means, players can do at least 10 predictions, and progressively more as they upgrade their collection.
    Total energy increases and refills will be supported with the Stickers update and the Crafting update.
    We understand that we offered players a reduced cost of predictions for a significant period of time, and we hope this change will not bring confusion.


Play & Earn Leagues Matchdays
  • Those will be the National and International competitions you all know: English league, European tournaments...
  • Play & Earn Leagues are accessible with Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary Pookyballs
  • Rewards pool start at 500 MATIC, 35k POK, and 5 Pookyballs
    • 90% is distributed on the Boosted Leaderboards
    • 10% is distributed on the Base Leaderboards
  • 50% of ranked players are eligible to MATIC rewards ; 100% of ranked players are eligible to POK rewards.
  • The pool size will increase based on total Pookyballs minted on our marketplace
  • See Pooky Competition Rewards for more on the topic.
  • If you like analysis, this spreadsheet should help you better visualise of your possible rewards.
Basic League Matchday
  • Basic League matches will be chosen by the team to ensure some variety and action throughout the week. Basic League will generally feature several competitions per week, of 5 to 10 matches, to allow anyone to join the party mid-week.
  • Basic League is only accessible with Basic Pookyballs. Fair play only !
  • Top 5 players will receive a Common Pookyball, which will allow them to participate in the Play & Earn leagues!
  • For now, Basic League shares energy with the other leagues


  • After the Genesis collection, we will start dropping Regular collection supply in our Marketplace. We'll manage the supply closely to make sure player's collections stay quite unique!
  • You can expect drops from weekly to monthly frequency, depending on time
  • You can expect the same rarity distribution - see Pookyball supply for more.


  • The team will actively listen to feedback, even more than usual, during the coming weeks. Join Discord to let us know what you think!
  • We're working on 4 major axis:
    • Our first social feature: Rivals. Get close and personal, challenge other players, and show them who's the strongest competitor !
    • Multiply customisation options to get a truly unique Pookyball with Stickers​
    • Our social-economy system, allowing people to craft, use, and trade secondary items to refine their strategy: Manufacturing
    • Improve new player experience and in-app answering to common questions. Our goals:
      • in 15', anyone can get started with Pooky
      • in 5', any question should find an answer
v0.3.1 - March 10th, 2023


As planned in Energy section, Pookyball owners now benefit from a higher max energy. You can read more either in the Energy section, or in this article on our blog:
Important note: when the full game is released, the energy cost per prediction will increase to 10 energy points per prediction.
  • Developers' notes: to give a little immediate thank you to people participating in the Genesis Mint, we've pushed the energy update in production before the game. Happy predicting ! We also decided to not increase already the energy cost from 4 to 10. As the game is still in F2P state, and we have large European tournaments, we did not want to limit the experience of F2P players already.
v0.3.0 -- March 08th, 2023


We have implemented a first referral system. Every time you refer a friend, you'll earn a MATIC reward. Every 5 refered friends, you'll get an extra bonus.
Those rewards will be distributed on Mondays/Tuesday - the distribution is not automated yet, more on that will come in the next weeks!
Head to, grab your link, and show your friends who's best at predicting!


We have distributed the Pookyballs earned by players since the World Cup started.
  • If you earned a Pookyball directly in the app by winning a Leaderboard, it is now available to claim in your account. It will be visible a few minutes after claiming.
  • If you earned a Pookyball outside of the app, through a contest, raffle, or giveaway, it has been airdropped directly to your wallet.
Go check to find out what you earned


  • Repressure challenge reward is now 60 PXP (was 5 POK)
  • Reach Level 5 on the Basic Ball challenge now rewards 60 PXP (was 5 POK)
  • Reach Level 15 on the Basic Ball challenge now rewards 360 PXP (was 12 POK)
  • Reach Level 20 on the Basic Ball challenge now rewards 35 POK (up from 25)
  • Developers' notes: putting POK too early in the path of the players meant being faced with gas fees before you have discovered the game, and created a negative experience. We have made challenges more tailored to discovering players, and are actively working on removing the adoption hurdle that gas fee represents.
    Those challenges will reward more PXP, which will accelerate the players to complete the onboarding goal of level 20 where players can get a significant claim of POK.


We now have a shiny page on OpenSea: You can sell/trade there until we've got a secondary marketplace of our own
v0.2.0 -- February 28th, 2023 [Mint update]
We have released our Genesis Collection!
Head to and grab your Pookyball for the upcoming Play-and-Earn game.
The sale is limited to 1,000 units ; on top of which we have distributed the rewards earned to winners of the game since November.
v0.1.4 -- February 08th, 2023 [Core Gameplay Update]

Balance changes

Note that numbers are still subject to change, as we thrive to bring the best equilibrum to our players.
  • Exact Score Multiplier has been reduced from 12 to 11. This means exact score will, on average, award 8.3% less points.
  • 1 - X - 2 Multipliers have been increased from 20 to 22. This means they will, on average, award 10% more points.
  • Developers' notes:
    The previous multipliers were creating quite a lot of variance, and rewarded chance a bit too much. With this change, we're hoping to reward better players with a constant understanding of the game, while keeping a major incidence of the exact score on your ranking. On average, this should not impact the average amount of PXP earned by a player.
  • Leveling factor has been reduced from 1.085 to 1.075.
  • POK Factor for levelling has been reduced from 9% to 8%
  • Developers' notes:
    While we're pretty happy with how fast the Basic Pookyballs are levelling, the NFT Pookyballs were slowing down a bit too fast. Updating those numbers should help players reach higher levels at a faster pace.
  • Onboarding has been fully reviewed to help players discover the core mechanics of the game.
    • Reduced the initial amount of Basic Pookyballs offered after sign up from 2 to 1
    • Added a guided questline of 4 Challenges to guide the player through the first predictions, rewards, and level up.
    • After completing those challenges, players are able to choose a second Basic Pookyball.
    • Developers' notes:
      Our players reported frequently that after their first predictions, they were not acquainted with core mechanics. This was particularly true for the first session, where after doing your first round of predictions, you were running of actions to do. This change should help new players understand how the Pooky game works!

Other changes

  • CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and EUROPA LEAGUE have been added to the pool of available Leagues.
  • Alpha Luxury concept has been removed. Rarity pyramid has been slightly modified as a consequence.
  • Energy price has been added to the Energy section
  • Pressure price has been added to the Pressure section
  • Prize pool mechanics for the V1 have been added in Pooky Competition Rewards. Note that those mechanics will last three to six months, before being replaced by a new tokenomics system. You can visit SUSTAINABLE TOKENOMICS for more information.
  • ​SMART CONTRACTS ADDRESSES have been updated with the latest addresses
v0.1.3 -- January 31st, 2023
  • Players are now able to claim their POK rewards
  • Players are now able to claim their MATIC rewards
  • Marketplace has been updated with the latest supply information
v0.1.2 - January 26th, 2023
v0.1.1 -- December 14th, 2022
  • Players are now able to predict on the National leagues for France, Italy, Germany, England, Spain
  • Each leaderboard now awards a promotional reward of 200 POK, 250 MATIC, and 1 Common Pookyball spread amongst players
  • Energy cost to predict increased from (0) to (4) per match
v0.1.0 -- November 15th, 2022 -- V0.1.0
  • We released the World Cup demo version. In this version, players can compete against each other in 16 leaderboards of 4 matches, and receive promotional rewards.
  • Each leaderboard awards a promotional reward of 500 POK, 130 MATIC, 2 Common Pookyballs, and 1 Rare Pookyball spread amongst players
  • Energy requirement has been set to 0 for the World Cup event, to allow players to predict on the whole event without constraint.
v0.0.1 -- October 14th, 2022
  • We opened our Alpha Test Environment to 70 players