Players take control of the economy and grow it by crafting and trading.

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Crafting guiding principles

Crafting is one of the most important features to our economy principles.

Healthy social economy relies on the following principles:

  • Most of the value creation stems from the existence and interaction of other agents

  • Law of demand / offer works - meaning liquidity and price are the main factors explaining trade

  • The governmentโ€™s goal is to optimise value creation at economy level. Because of the first point, his role is then to creating and improve the conditions of interaction between the agents.

Generally speaking, such economy systems often leads to specialisation of optimizing agents. That means we can expect that, in this simple system, some agents mostly play, some agents mostly craft.

What will Crafting look like?

Players will be able to manufacture multiple items:

  • Batteries

  • PXP Packs

  • Cards

  • ... and a lot more!

Manufacturing will leverage your NFT Collection.

Crafting requirements

In order to be able to craft items, players will need some or all of:

  • Knowledge

    • Crafting requires players to know the recipe.

    • Some recipes will be extremely limited!

  • Ressources

    • Energy

    • Pressure

    • PXP / POK / MATIC tokens

    • Crafting ingredients

  • Time

    • Depending on the crafted item

  • Available crafting slots

    • Crafting slots wil be linked to your collection

  • Optional reageants

    • Those will allow you to give some predetermined attributes to your craft. Want specifically a french sticker? No problem!

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