Learn how to enhance your Pookyballs with stickers.

What are Stickers?

Stickers will be the first major upgrade system to the Pookyballs. Stickers are digital collectible NFTs, which you can couple with your Pookyballs.

With the Stickers, you'll be able to deeply customise your Pookyball collection and tailor them to your strategy! Stickers will increase the ball power level significantly. They are permanently attached to the ball (a far-away update will allow detaching them).

At the beginning, Stickers are available from the Marketplace (in limited quantities), then later from Leaderboards Rewards, with Common stickers starting from a few $MATIC, and going up to a hundreds of $MATIC. Once Crafting is available, Stickers will primarily be available from Crafting, so that players can generate and trade them together!

All Pookyballs will have Sticker Slots. Higher rarity Pookyballs have more Sticker slots. Pookyballs come with 4 to 12 sticker slots, depending on their rarity.

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