Get personal. Challenge anyone in Pooky.


Rivals is a new feature that allows you to connect with other players and compete against them in a more targeted manner.

Players will now be able to

  • visit another player's profile

  • see their basic stats

  • see their Pookyballs collection

  • see the matchdays and leaderboards they are participating in.

From there, a connection can be established by a simple click to add another players as Rival.

Once you chose some Rivals, you'll be able to challenge and test your skills against other players in the game, as you'll able to see your Rivals on any Leaderboards you both compete in.

Finding a worthy Rival

There are several ways to find and add a rival.

  • You can search for other players and add them as rivals via their username.

    • This search section will be available both from leaderboard and your own profile.

  • You can also simply identify a worthy opponent from a leaderboard that you are ranked on.

    • A good Rival can be either a top player or someone who is close to you in ranking.

  • Finally, you will be able to invite your friends outside Pooky and make them your Rivals so you can compete against each other!

Note that Rivals is a one-way relationship. This means that another player doesn't have to "accept" your rivalry for you to consider them a rival.

However, if you decide to challenge someone, be prepared for them to challenge you back, opening the door to a new dimension of competition, provocation and challenge inside Pooky!

What happens when you have a Rival?

Rivals is first designed to allow connecting with other players and following their performance across different leagues and matchdays.

You will also be able to filter your Leaderboard view by Rivals only, and see which one of you is the best football predictor!

As of today, there are no specific rewards being considered for competing against your Rivals. We will monitor data and feedback to adjust if needed.

Rivals roadmap

This is highly subject to change based on player feedback and based on the rest of the roadmap!

Release 1

  • You can add other players as rivals

  • You can see the profile, stats, and rankings

Release 2

  • You can compete against your rivals in special game modes such as 1v1 and eventually win non-financial rewards, providing you with proof of superiority

  • Contenders. Contenders will be players that are considered by many as talented players, worth to be challenged and will be given special rights inside of the Pooky platform. We hope to see many of you fight for the glory of becoming an official Contender!

Release 3

  • Contenders can setup their own โ€œContender leagueโ€, where they can invite worthy opponents to compete privately.

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