Game mechanics

These concepts are the core game mechanics, which the players will use throughout the game.



All our Pookyballs and Rooky Balls will have a set of Attributes determining their abilities in the Prediction game. They will notably determine how many Experience points and Leaderboard points are generated through Predictions.

Attributes include (list subject to change in the future) :

  • Rarity

  • Prestige

  • International ball

  • Nation team

  • Home events

  • Club team

  • Pressure

  • Level

  • 1 - Home

  • X - Draw

  • 2 - Away

  • O - Offense

  • D - Defense

  • S - exact Score

Base Leaderboards

Play and earn predictions are ranked on this Leaderboards to reward pure prediction skill. It does not take into account the Attributes from the Pookyball. It distributes a part of the Rewards.


Breeding allows a player to use some of his Pookyballs in order to create another Pookyball. See Breeding

Boosted Leaderboards

Play to earn predictions are ranked on this Leaderboards, based on the quality of the prediction and the Attributes from the Pookyball. This is the main way to distribute rewards.


Mechanism of destroying tokens through the gameplay. Notable burning mechanism include levelling and some of the Marketplace items.

Club team

Home city of the playing club. Most balls are minted with a given Club team.

Continuous rewards

For every successful Prediction, the player will receive Experience points (PXP).


Home country of the Event being played. Each ball is minted in a given Country.


Placing a Prediction costs a small amount of Energy. The playerโ€™s maximum is determined by the Prestige of his Pookyball collection. It refills naturally, on a weekly basis.

Experience points (PXP)

With each successful Prediction; the predicting Pookyball gains Experience points. By spending Experience points and $POK, the ball progresses to the next Level and improves its Attributes.

Free to play

One of the ways to play the Prediction game.

Any player can enter and play the game without owning a Pookyball, with limited functionalities and limited access to Rewards.


Organisation of Players where they can collaborate, earn rewards, challenge each others, or challenge other guilds.

We'll update about Guilds in the Roadmap at a later stage.

Home Event

A Sports event featuring clubs, like the Football World Cup; or Roland Garros tournament.

International ball

Balls with this attribute receive a 10% point boost for matches played between two Nations.


All Players participating in the Prediction game are ranked on the Leaderboards. The higher you will rank, the more Rewards you will receive !


Mechanism which allows a player to lend his Pookyball to another player.

The player lending cannot use his Pookyball for the duration of the lease, and earns a share of the earnings from the player using his Pookyball in the Prediction game.


Pookyballs are a unique art element related to one of Pookyโ€™s sports. They represent several characteristics linked to the sport :

  • The City where theyโ€™ve been created

  • The Country where theyโ€™ve been created

  • The Sports they are played with

They also carry the Attributes used to score points in the Prediction game.

Nation team

Pookyballs with this attribute receive a 20% boost when the matching team is playing.

NFT Level

Pookyballs earn PXP whenever a part of the Prediction is correct. When they have enough PXP, Pookyballs can level up using $POK.

Each Rarity has a varying amount of levels.

Play and earn

Main game mode, where the player earns Rewards for the time and quality of his gameplay.


Individuals playing the Prediction game.

Prediction game

Main game of Pooky. It can be accessed by either owning any Pookyball; or by playing the Free to play mode.

Prediction points

Whenever a player of the Prediction game places a successful Prediction, he is awarded with Prediction points. They are calculated according to how good his prediction was, and according to the Attributes of the Rooky ball or Pookyball he used in predicting.

Prediction points are used for calculating Rewards.


All the Pookyballs have a Pressure level. The higher it is, the more points any successful Prediction rewards. When you place a Prediction; the predicting Pookyball loses some of their Pressure. This effect does not happen if you find the exact score!


All Pookyballs have a Prestige level. It is among other things a function of :

  • their Rarity

  • their date of creation

  • the amount of balls with similar Attributes

Prestige notably affects available Energy.


The main variant of the Prediction game, which will be the core of the first version of Pooky.

In this mode, the player places his Prediction and gets rewarded at the end of the Matchday based on his placement on the Leaderboards.


A future variant of the Prediction game, which will be available in a later version of Pooky. It will be updated in the Roadmap at a later stage.


All the Pookyballs have a fixed rarity :

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

New rarities might be introduced in the future.


When the Players rank on the Leaderboards, at the end of the relevant Matchday, they will receive rewards based on their placement.

Rewards include (not exhaustive) :

  • NFT (Pookyballs, Stickers...)

  • PXP

  • $POK

  • Pressure or Energy regeneration

  • and other rewards which will come out throughout the game growth.

Rooky Balls

Two balls freely given to any player to experience the Free to play version of the Prediction game.

Rooky Leaderboards

The Free to play predictions are ranked here. Top players will receive Rewards.


Pookyballs can be used at their maximum efficiency for a predetermined number of Matchdays, then starts paying out reduced Rewards.

This decay can be prevented by burning a more recent Pookyball.

The higher the Rarity, the longer the Pookyball can play before the decay starts occuring.

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