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Get an in-depth look at Pookyballs (NFTs) offered by Pooky's sports prediction platform

Which Pookyball collection is right for me ?

The main elements to consider when selecting Pookyballs are Rarity and Attribute repartition. Our team wrote a more complete article available at this link.

Attribute repartition

  • On initial mint, Pookyballs do not have a predetermined repartition of attributes.
  • However, on the secondary market, balls come with an already defined profile. Players who have a knack for high-action matches, for instance, would be more inclined towards balls favouring Offense.
Rarity impacts:
  • The initial allocation of Variable Attributes
  • The growth per level of Variable Attributes
  • The max level of the Ball (thus its maximum total of Variable Attributes)
  • The Boosted points earned in the Prediction games
  • The Prestige (and thus energy available to the player)
  • The Pookyball visual representation quality
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