Find out how Pooky's unique technology is revolutionizing the sports betting industry.

Major updates to Pooky

Pooky's game direction is receiving major updates, communicated in April 2024 and coming throughout 2024. Please visit https://whitepaper.scorerush.game/. This document covers the current systems of the web game.

Pooky's company mission

Pooky is building the blockchain infrastructure for gamified prediction markets. We're building and enabling a new generation of games, aligning players and company incentives, improving the application of blockchain technology in customer applications.

Starting with a first football game, we're quickly expanding towards new sports, new prediction markets.

We are developing a scalable set of solutions, which we'll offer as reliable white-label solutions once they have reached maturity.

To this goal, we have set up 2 parts of the company:

  • Pooky Labs creates new solutions for blockchain prediction games

  • Pooky Games operates those solutions and the games which use them

Most of this whitepaper will focus on the first game of Pooky, as a showcase of what our technology can unlock.

Pooky Games

As a first step towards these goals, Pooky is operating games. We're building up our stack and ramping on a first prediction market.

Pooky's Football Prediction Game

At Pooky, our mission is to build a safe and entertaining football community via collectible digital art ownership and a prediction game. From Paris to Guingamp, Chelsea to Shrewsbury Town, Madrid to Valladolid, Milan to Monza and Munich to Rostock, we want Pooky players to experience the excitement of sports prediction and be part of a leading web3 football fanbase.

Pooky is created by football fans, for football fans.

The primary objective of the Pooky Football Predictions game is to find the exact score of football matches from the world’s biggest leagues and tournaments. Players use 3D Pookyballs to make predictions, win Experience points (PXP) and battle for top position on the Pooky Leaderboards. As they progress through the ranks, players can level up, customise, craft, and increase the value of their Pookyballs to earn further rewards.

Pooky Football is a unique football results prediction game built on the Polygon blockchain. Using digital collectible Pookyballs to enhance gameplay, fans of the beautiful game are rewarded for their passion, strategy and prediction skills.

Pooky aims to solve today’s dilemma for prediction fans: the choice between ‘high risk, high rewards’ on traditional web2 betting platforms and ‘no risk, no rewards’ on social media platforms or between friends. Pooky is different: players ‘risk nothing and always win something.’

Pooky gives players ownership of digital collectibles that allow them to make predictions, earn rewards and upgrade their assets. Best of all, predictions don’t need to be 100% correct to win.

Pooky’s risk-free model enables global reach and promotes a healthier alternative to traditional sports betting. By going back to the roots of sports prediction - challenging friends and demonstrating your knowledge of the beautiful game - Pooky encourages social interaction and fun whilst creating communities, both on and off the platform.

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.” Bill Shankly

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