How to use Stickers

Ball rarity & sticker slots

Each Pookyball will have 4 to 12 sticker slots.
Stickers can be placed on a ball that has the same, or better rarity.
Wouldn't make much sense to use your Legendary sticker on a Common Pookyball, right?
Ball Rarity
Sticker slots
Mythic (cannot be minted)
Stickers Slots will be progressively unlocked by leveling the Pookyballs.

Inserting a sticker on a Pookyball

  • Players can choose an empty slot and can insert a sticker on it
  • Players can choose an occupied slot ; but they will destroy the currently slotted sticker
  • There is no cost to inserting a sticker (except the gas fee)
  • Once slotted, a sticker cannot be removed in V1.
    • In a future update of the Stickers and Crafting, it will be possible for players to create items that allow removing a Sticker from its slot.
When slotted, a sticker cannot be traded. It is linked to the Pookyball which it powers.

Sticker prestige

Any sticker in your collection contributes to your Prestige.
  • Stickers have a Prestige value
  • Stickers contribute to your Prestige regardless of whether they are slotted
    • We want to reward ownership primarily. We let players decide what they do with their items; as such we are rewarding ownership (inventory content) regardless of slotted status.
  • rarityFactor = {{0.25 for Common, 0.5 for Rare, 1 for Epic, 2 for Legendary}}
  • ascensionFactor = 1 + 35% per ascension for a given Sticker
  • levelFactor = 1 + StickerLevel * 1.25%
stickerPrestige=rarityFactorlevelFactorascensionFactorstickerPrestige = rarityFactor *levelFactor *ascensionFactor