How to use Stickers

Ball rarity & sticker slots

Each Pookyball will have 4 to 12 sticker slots.

Stickers can be placed on any ball, regardless of rarity.

Stickers Slots will be progressively unlocked by leveling the Pookyballs. One slot will be available every 10 levels, starting at level 5.

Inserting a sticker on a Pookyball

  • Players can choose an empty slot and can insert a sticker on it

  • Players can choose an occupied slot ; but they will destroy the currently slotted sticker

  • There is no cost to inserting a sticker (except the gas fee)

  • Once slotted, a sticker cannot be removed in V1.

    • In a future update of the Stickers and Crafting, it will be possible for players to create items that allow removing a Sticker from its slot.

When slotted, a sticker cannot be traded. It is linked to the Pookyball which it powers.

Sticker prestige

Any sticker in your collection contributes to your Prestige.

  • Stickers have a Prestige value

  • Stickers contribute to your Prestige regardless of whether they are slotted

    • We want to reward ownership primarily. We let players decide what they do with their items; as such we are rewarding ownership (inventory content) regardless of slotted status.

  • rarityFactor = {{0.4 for Common, 0.8 for Rare, 1.6 for Epic, 3.2 for Legendary}}

  • ascensionFactor = 1 + 25% per ascension for a given Sticker

  • levelFactor = 1 + StickerLevel * 1.25%

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