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Get an in-depth look at the core gameplay offered by Pooky's sports betting platform.

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Brian Clough

Players choose between 2 play modes in Pooky. Both modes have the same rules, but different rewards.

  1. Free Competition: Players make predictions using the 2 Free Basic Pookyballs (received on sign up). Rewards are limited in this league, top players can get access to Common Pookyballs.

  2. Pro Leagues: Players make predictions using digital collectible Pookyballs. Players earn more Points and enter higher reward Leaderboards.

Players earn Points based on the success of their predictions. There are several types of Points awarded. The type depends on the accuracy of the prediction and the Attributes of the digital collectible Pookyballs used to make the prediction.

  • Boosted Points: the most important Point scoring mechanism in Pooky. Boosted Points are calculated by the Attributes of Pookyballs. Boosted Points are used to rank players on Boosted Leaderboards.

  • Base Points: calculated on pre-match Odds only. Base Points do not take into account the Boost effect of Pookyballs. Base Points are used to rank players on Base Leaderboards.

  • Experience Points (PXP): calculated on Boosted Points and Pookyballs Rarity. PXP are used to Level-Up Pookyballs. PXP are awarded in relation to a player's results on Boosted Leaderboards and is not related to ranking.

  • $POK: awarded in relation to a player’s ranking on Boosted and Base Leaderboards.

Free Competition - accessible to anyone

Anyone can play Pooky without purchasing a digital collectible.

New players to Pooky receive 1 Basic Pookyball immediately, then a second one when they reach level 5.

They allow players to experience Pooky, make predictions, level-up and be ranked on Free League Leaderboards.

Free Competition comes in with limited rewards and earning potential. Basic Pookyballs can’t be traded.

We are exploring options to allow owners of two level 20 Rooky Balls to ‘upgrade’ to a Play-and-Earn Common Pookyball. This would require either POK, MATIC, or both.

Players who want to maximise rewards and play in the big leagues from the start can buy Digital Collectible Pookyball. They can buy directly from Pooky on the Pooky Marketplace, or from other players on the secondary marketplace.

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