Stickers roadmap

Stickers roadmap

This is subject to change based on player feedback and based on the rest of the roadmap!

Release 1

  • Pookyballs now have Sticker slots. Bonuses such as Club, League, International, and Nation will be turned into stickers and assigned directly to the ball.

  • Main sticker types are released

  • Stickers have a Rarity

  • Stickers can level up

  • Stickers are obtainable through Marketplace in packs

Release 2

  • New sticker types are introduced, including special double-edged stickers

  • Stickers are obtainable through Leaderboard rewards, and in Limited Offer packs.

  • Stickers can now use the Ascension mechanic. By merging several stickers of a given rarity, you can create a sticker of the next rarity

Release 3

  • Stickers can now be crafted and traded by players

  • Sticker components can now be obtained by players

  • Players can now detach stickers from their Pookyball (for a cost)

Release 4

  • New sticker types are created

  • Stickers can be burnt to create Crafting components

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