Rarity tier

Discover the 5 rarity tiers of Pookyballs.

There are 5 Rarity Tiers for Pookyballs. The rarer the Pookyball, the more Points it is allocated at mint. Points allocated at mint are distributed between Attributes. As you know, Attributes boost prediction scores, so players are incentivised to own Pookyballs of higher Rarity.

The 5 Rarity Tiers are as follows:

Tentative distribution, subject to change.

Mythic is an upcoming quality, accessible only once a player has reached max level with 2 Legendary Pookyballs. You will never be able to mint a Mythic ball directly.

Curious players can check the current repartition by using filters on our Opensea collection.

Power from rarity

Rarity tiers also increase the Prediction Points that a prediction will give.

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