Pooky & Web3 concepts

These concepts are related to Pooky as a company, and to Web3 in general.



Polygon crypto asset. It will be used to purchase items from Pooky; and will be tradable against our native tokens. See TECHNOLOGY


Uncapped token issued by Pooky.

The $POK is used as the main currency in the game, and notably allows purchasing NFTs and improving your NFT Pookyballs. See SUSTAINABLE TOKENOMICS

Creator fee

Small amount of currency taken from transactions on the secondary market, when players trade balls with each other.

Custodial wallet

A Custodial wallet is defined as a Wallet in which the private keys are held by a third party (typically the company issuing the wallet).

This means the third party has full control over your funds while you only have to give permission to send or receive payments. N.B - Pooky is NOT using a Custodial wallet.


Main channel for communication ; meeting other players or discussing with the Pooky team. Discord address : https://discord.com/channels/986307259485282364/


A Sports event, like the Football World Cup; or Roland Garros tournament.


The simplified explanation of what Pooky does. Itโ€™s a presentation containing all major elements without going into detailed mechanics or numbers. The Litepaper is not available yet.


Section of the Pooky application, where the user can purchase

  • New Pookyballs or Bundles from Pooky

  • Already minted Pookyballs from other users

  • Support items (energy refills, pressure packs...)

See Pooky's Marketplace


A subset of matches of an Event.

Typically in Football, when 20 teams face each other, there are 38 Matchdays of 10 Matches (19 matches per team, both home and away)


Non Fungible Tokens are uniquely identifiable items on the Blockchain.

In the case of Pooky, they notably include Pookyballs, and some other items related to the playerโ€™s progression.

Non-custodial wallet

This Wallet is provided to the user, but the company issuing it has no option of accessing, editing, or recovering it. It is the sole responsibility of the user to manage this wallet and manage his validator and withdrawal keys NB - Pooky is using a non-custodial wallet solution.


Individuals playing the Prediction game.


Blockchain layer 2 technology used by Pooky to support the operations and network. Polygon currency is $MATIC, which will be tradable against Pooky's native tokens.


The company, notably launching the Pookyballs and the Prediction game!


All the Pookyballs have a fixed rarity :

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Epic

  • Legendary

New rarities might be introduced in the future.


Future evolutions of the Pooky platform. They include, but are not limited to :

  • improving existing game mechanisms

  • adding new game modes and group play

  • adding new ways to experience the matches

  • adding new Sports

Secondary market

After a NFT has been claimed, it can be traded with other users. It is generally traded in $POK or $MATIC.


Sports available to predict on the platform, with the Prediction game.


Object used in the cryptocurrency world to hold your tokens and coins. Pooky providers a non-custodial wallet to all users. You can also connect your own wallet, we're exploring WalletConnect as a solution.

Wallet from Pooky

Special Wallet created by Pooky for users who donโ€™t hold one yet, to hold their gains. The wallet is at the name of the user, and canโ€™t be accessed by Pooky. The user can either use it directly ; or transfer his tokens to his own (for instance, Metamask). Pooky is currently exploring Sequence for people who do not own a wallet.


This document, which explains in detail what Pooky does. For a short version, see Litepaper.

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