Walkthrough: Prediction example

Example of a prediction made on Pooky to walk you through the different steps of the game.

To make it clear, letโ€™s walk through an example of a match in the French League between Paris and Marseille.

Itโ€™s early January and the French League is starting to take shape. Paris and Marseille are tied at the top, separated only by goal difference. This is the biggest match of the season.

You (player A) and your friend (player B) gamify your club rivalry and go head-to-head in a prediction game.

The predictions

Player A's Prediction

Player A predicts a tight game with Paris the eventual winner: Paris [1] - [0] Marseille

Player A uses the following Pookyball to make his prediction:

  • Home Event: France

  • City: Paris

  • Season: current

  • Pressure: 100%

  • Rarity: Rare

Player B's Prediction

Player B is a lifelong Marseille fan. They know it will be difficult to win in Paris, but remain hopeful (the season is going well, after all). Player B predicts a low-scoring draw: Paris [1] - [1] Marseille

He uses the following Pookyball to make his prediction:

  • Home Event: France

  • Club Team: Lyon

  • Season: Old 2021

  • Pressure: 100%

  • Rarity: Epic

Game resolution

All the build up is warranted. The game is a low scoring match, but full of controversy and excitement. The final score is:

Paris [1] - [0] Marseille

Player A predicted the exact score. Player B didnโ€™t predict the correct score, but still got the Defense prediction correct, so he will still score some points.

Letโ€™s break down the Points each player won from their predictions and Pookyball.

All Base values have the same expected value, except for Score, which is the only attribute that is not a yes/no question.

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