Pookyball Gameplay

Discover the role of Pookyballs within Pooky's gameplay and how they play a crucial role to top the leaderboards.

โ€œThe first 90 minutes are the most important.โ€ โ€“ Bobby Robson

Players use Pookyballs to make predictions. Players are awarded Points for each correct (or partly correct) prediction. Every Pookyball has different Attributes that boost the number of Points awarded for correct predictions.

There are two sets of Attributes: Fixed and Variable.

  • Fixed Attributes have a fixed percentage multiplier and apply to the overall match prediction (International Ball, Nation Team, Home Events, Club Team, Rarity, Season, Pressure).

  • Variable Attributes have multipliers for specific parts of a prediction (Home, Draw, Away, Exact Score, Offensive, Defensive). Their value depends on Rarity, Level and player choices.

Below is an example of what a Ball with stats looks like.

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