Pookyball artwork

Discover the unique designs of each Pookyballs.

All Pooky digital collectibles are designed by renowned 3D digital studio, Serial Cut.

Serial Cut is based in Madrid, a city that lives for football.

Serial Cut experimented with many styles to generate a collection of unique Pookyball collectibles that match the Pooky brand.

First they crafted 5 unique football skins for Pooky. Each ball is made of 2 layers.

Next they created a unique set of 25 patterns and a palette of 25 colours for the first layer. A palette of 10 fixed colours was used on the second layer to enhance the contrast between layers.

The Common Ball has more patterns and vibrant colours. The Rare ball is bronze, the Epic is silver and the Legendary is gold. The Rooby ball is made of a simple black, white, and grey colour scheme.

A Champions ring was added to Luxury Pookyballs - those have been sunset for now.

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