Player's journey

Discover all the steps a user will require on his Pooky journey.

  1. Sign-up

  2. [optional] Try Pookyโ€™s prediction game with the Basic League

  3. Connect/create a wallet

  4. Purchase one or more unique digital collectibles (Pookyballs)

  5. Predict matches results of your favourite football leagues and knockout tournaments

  6. Use your digital collectibles to boost your prediction Points

  7. Rank on weekly Leaderboards

  8. Earn unique rewards

  9. Level-Up your digital collectibles in the game

  10. Repeat the weekly cycle!

Football is the worldโ€™s favourite game and the first sport on Pooky. More sports, such as Tennis, Basketball, Formula 1 and many others, will be added in 2023.

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