How to get stickers

Stickers will be available on Pooky's primary marketplace at launch.

We will also support an OpenSea collection.

All numbers in this section are highly subject to change.

Sticker packs

Pooky will sell stickers inside of Packs.

Packs composition is likely to change through seasons.

The price of a given sticker is currently set to be 20% of the price of a Pookyball of the same rarity - targetting approximately 5$ for a Common sticker. (numbers subject to change).

Prices below are calculated based on a 30 MATIC Pookyball price. Note this price is fluctuating with the MATIC:USD pair.

Limited offer stickers

In a second release, Pooky will also offer partially predetermined stickers.

Those could be for example, "stickers from the English League" or "goal difference stickers".

Those would be heavily limited in size ; and would come at a price premium.

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