Pro Competition Rewards

Discover the competition & rewards associated with Pooky's Play-&-Earn mode.

Two Leaderboards

At the end of a Competition Matchday, rewards are released based on Leaderboards rankings. Every Football league and tournament has two Leaderboards for Pookyball owners (two for Italian League, two for the English League, etc.).
Leaderboards are completed each matchweek: in a regular season in France, you will have 38 of each leaderboards corresponding to the 38 Matchweeks.
  • The Boosted Leaderboard: players are ranked based on the total amount of Boosted Points (Base Points boosted by Pookyball Attributes)
  • The Base Leaderboard: players are ranked based on the total amount of Base Points only (No Pookyball Attributes taken into account)

Reward Pool

Every league and tournament in Pooky has its own rewards pool. The pool is based on the number of players (and their associated Prestige) engaged in the Competition. The rewards pool is divided between the 2 Leaderboards. Rewards are distributed on a sliding scale, the largest percentage of awards going to the Boosted Pookyball Leaderboard.
  • 90% - Boosted Pookyball Leaderboard
  • 10% - Base Pookyball Leaderboard
Pooky can dynamically manage this allocation to protect the health of the game. This allocation might change before the first release.


  • 50% of players get MATIC (proportional to their ranking)
  • 100% of players get $POK (proportional to their ranking)
  • In the future, other rewards can include extra PXP, Pressure/Energy packs, Stickers, Pookyballs, crafting materials or future cosmetic items

Reward Distribution

Numbers in this section are subject to further balance changes before and after the game is released. All numbers are notably correlated to the Mint prices. Also note the system below only covers the season 1, until we move to a future tokenomics system which would work in a closed loop.
In season 1, until the $TPK token is launched, Pooky will reward players in $POK (our native soulbound token) and in MATIC using a part of our sales proceeds.
For each ball sold, we will permanently increase the Matchday Prize Pool by 0.30% of the sale value in MATIC after VAT, and add a proportional amount of $POK to the pool.
The $POK pool size will be proportional to the MATIC pool size.
That system is deemed sustainable for the next 11 months, and could last up to 15 months, which will give us more than enough time to release our proprietary token and develop the relevant economy.

Promotional boosts to the Matchday Pool at the beginning of Pooky

Pooky additionally has guaranteed a minimum Matchday Pool from the launch of the Play and Earn:
  • 660 MATIC (increased from 500 MATIC on 21/04)
  • ~35.000 $POK
On top of this, from 3000 balls sold, we will start slowly increasing prize pools, by adding 0.15% of the sales value in MATIC avec VAT to the Pool. This is a net positive to players, up until we reach the breakeven of the main formula.
Assuming the Common Pookyball is priced at 22.5 MATIC for the next months, then the main formula will catch up to the promotional amount around 6,000 Pookyballs sold.
When we reach 6,000 Pookyballs sold, the prize pool would be around 840 MATIC.
When we reach 10,000 Pookyballs sold, the prize pool would be around 1380 MATIC.
Please note those numbers are depending on the pricing of each mint.