Pooky wouldn't exist without all these talented individuals building the game!
Our team is fully doxxed on LinkedIn.
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The team also plays the game, restricted to Common rarities, for the good of the development process.

Pooky core team


Claudio - Co-founder, CEO/COO
Stefano - Co-founder, CEO/CPO
Pierre - Game Director
Greg - Operations Director

Product & Design

Alfred - Sr Game designer
Teddy - Product manager
Jonathan - Design team lead
Pedro - Product designer


Andreja - Frontend engineer
Filip - Frontend engineer
Claudiu - Backend engineer
Mihaly - Backend engineer
Nemanja - Backend engineer
Danilo - QA engineer
Mathieu - Blockchain & ops engineer


Nick - Content & social media
Joris - User acquisition
Carmine - Influencer manager
Adam - Customer support
Luka - Community manager

Pooky partners

Pooky partners

Matthias Hafner​​
​​​- Token Economist of Pooky

Mathias is the Director of the Center for Cryptoeconomics, a Swiss platform offering research and consulting services. He and his team supported Pooky in creating a numerical tokenomics model: economic interplay of players, tokens, and NFTs. They helped in finding suitable parameters for token supply, token allocation, and for the reward system.

Sergio del Puerto
- Art Director of Pookyballs

Sergio is an Art Director and Founder of Serial Cut™. Serial Cut is a Madrid based studio, established in 1999 by Sergio del Puerto, working on a wide variety of worldwide projects (Nike, Coca-Cola, Visa, Sony, etc..), focused mainly on Art Direction.

Erik Herrström
- Brand Director of Pooky

Formerly Brand Design Director at Spotify. Now, independently working with Pooky as a Design Director & Art Director with a focus on brand design systems, visual identities and art direction.


You've all played a part in making Pooky into what it is today. Thanks a lot to our alumni - all great people to work with.
🏐 Dusan - Solidity engineer
Etienne - Product Design
François - Growth specialist
Christophe - Lead engineer
Sebastien - Product Design
Lucas - Product Design
🎨 Alexandre - Brand designer
Nikola - Backend engineer
Johannes - Web3 community
Melvyn - Influencer marketing
Rami - Backend engineer
Miklos - Product designer