Pooky's Marketplace

Discover everything about Pooky's secondary marketplace to sell & purchase Pookyballs
Pooky's marketplace will be available at a later stage, after the World Cup.

Primary Marketplace

The Primary Marketplace is available at this link.
  • The Primary Marketplace is for new Pookyballs available for minting. Newly minted balls always start at level 0.
  • Pookyballs are sold separately or in bundles. All Rarity levels are public.
The Primary Marketplace uses MATIC, ETH, or Credit Card.
Players can purchase MATIC for FIAT (€, $, etc.) on the platform using FIAT on-ramps or exchange compatible cryptocurrencies.

Secondary Market

The Secondary Marketplace is for public trading of Pookyballs.
Players set a price and receive a payout in either MATIC or $POK (as requested by the seller).
As of now, this marketplace has not been developed. We're temporarily on Opensea, you can access our collection at this link.