Free-to-Play Competition rewards

Discover the competition & rewards associated with Pooky's Free-to-Play mode.
Rooky Competition is a Free-to-play mode, meant for users to understand how the game works without having to invest in a Pookyball. It yields very minimal rewards.
Free-to-play players are ranked on a single Rooky Leaderboard. This is a Boosted Leaderboard that only takes into account Boosted Points.

Rooky Reward Pool

Pooky will set a fixed promotional amount of rewards for Rooky players.
Pooky can dynamically change the fixed amount of $POK rewards in the Pooky league to protect the health of the game.


  • The Winner of the Rooky League wins a Pookyball and can access the Pooky Competition
  • Top 1% of players receive a fixed amount of $POK