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Basic League rewards

Discover the competition & rewards associated with Pooky's Basic League
The Basic League is a Free-to-play mode, meant for users to understand how the game works without having to invest in a Pookyball. It yields Common Pookyballs for top players, to allow them to go prove their skills in the Pro version.
Free-to-play players are ranked on two Leaderboards:
  • The Boosted Leaderboard takes into account Boosted Points, and distributes several Common Pookyballs to top ranked players.
  • The Base Leaderboard doesn't take into account the Ball stats, and doesn't distribute rewards - only bragging rights!

Basic League Reward Pool

For now, the main reward of the Basic League are the Common Pookyballs.
Pooky can dynamically change the rewards offered in the Basic League.