Learn how to enhance your Pookyballs with stickers.

Introduction to the Stickers concept

Stickers will be the first major upgrade system to the Pookyballs. Stickers are digital collectible NFTs, which you can couple with your Pookyballs.
With the Stickers, you'll be able to deeply customise your Pookyball collection and tailor them to your strategy! Stickers will increase the ball power level significantly. They are permanently attached to the ball (a far-away update will allow detaching them).
At the beginning, Stickers are available from the Marketplace (in limited quantities) and from Leaderboards Rewards, with Common stickers starting from a couple $MATIC, and going up to a couple hundred $MATIC. Once Crafting is available, Stickers will primarily be available from Crafting, so that players can generate and trade them together!
All Pookyballs will have Sticker Slots. Higher rarity Pookyballs have more Sticker slots. Pookyballs come with 4 to 12 sticker slots, depending on their rarity.

Sticker types

We will build the following sticker types:
  • Club: gives an X% increase to total Boosted Points if a given club is playing
  • Nation: gives an X% increase to total Boosted Points if a given national team is playing
  • League: gives an X% increase to total Boosted Points if the ball is used to predict on a matching League
  • Attribute: gives a X% increase to a Prediction Attribute (home, away...)
  • Exact Score: gives an X% increase to your Boosted Points if the exact score of the sticker happens.
    • If I have a 1-1 sticker, I predict 2-1, and 1-1 happens, my sticker still gives me extra points!
  • Goal Difference: gives an X% increase to total Boosted Points if the goal difference is more or less than a certain value
  • Goal Timing: gives an X% increase to total Boosted Points if there is a goal in the first 15', first half, last 15'...
  • Yellow / Red cards : gives an X% increase to total Boosted Points if there is a certain amount of red/yellow cards
  • Special / Double edged stickers: those special stickers will give a bonus when some events happen during the match... but a malus if they do not happen!

Rarity & levels

Ball rarity & sticker slots

Each ball will have 4 to 12 sticker slots.
Ball Rarity
Sticker slots
Mythic (cannot be minted)

Sticker Rarity

Stickers will have the same rarity system as Pookyballs: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.
Higher rarity stickers will grant increased boosts values, and allow stickers to further level.

Sticker levels

Stickers will also have levels. They gain PXP passively, when the ball they're attached to gains some.
Stickers will follow the same mechanic to level as the Pookyballs, mixing PXP and POK.

Basic Stickers

We always want the Basic Pookyballs to help as training grounds, to allow new players to learn the mechanics before going into the
They will have 4 sticker slots, but those will likely come in a separate update

Stickers roadmap

This is highly subject to change based on player feedback and based on the rest of the roadmap!

Version 1

  • Pookyballs now have Sticker slots. Bonuses such as Club, League, International, and Nation will be turned into stickers and assigned directly to the ball.
  • Stickers have a Rarity
  • Main sticker types are released
  • Stickers are obtainable through Marketplace and Leaderboard rewards
  • All stickers are capped at level 0

Version 2

  • Stickers can now level up

Version 3

  • Stickers can now use the Ascension mechanic. By merging several stickers of a given rarity, you can create a sticker of the next rarity
  • New sticker types are introduced, including special double-edged stickers

Version 4

  • Stickers can now be crafted and traded by players
  • Sticker components can now be obtained by players

Version 5

  • New sticker types are created
  • Players can now unlock stickers for a cost
  • Stickers can be burnt to create components
We'll add the list of Stickers and their effects on this page in the future